From Customer to Co-worker

Kevin S. tells what it was like going from a SmarterTools
system administrator to working at the company

The Background

A little over two years ago, I began working at a large Web hosting company that uses SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats (SmarterTrack is used internally for customer service, sales and support tickets and live chats while SmarterStats and SmarterMail are offered to customers). I have to admit that in the beginning there were some frustrations using, much less supporting, the products. However, when you start using a new tool there is always a learning curve, so part of the frustration was just learning the products. Eventually I grew to enjoy using every product, and even after leaving that job I began to recommend to employers that they use the SmarterTools suite for their needs. In fact, each time I met someone looking for a new customer service and support suiteWeb analytics software or mail server, I immediately suggested that they take a look at SmarterTools. Both my experience with the software and my general admiration of its quality pushed these products to the top of my “Favorite Applications” list.


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