SmarterTools 2012 Conference Meetups

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As many of you know, the SmarterTools ownership team came from the Web hosting industry where we provided services to almost 100,000 businesses worldwide. In those days, it was difficult to find solutions that provided the features that small and medium sized businesses required while offering the high availability, security and ease of maintenance that our fairly large-scale enterprises required.

For example, the mail server options available were expensive and incredibly unstable and often resulted in daily downtime. In fact, at one point we had employees whose sole responsibility was pushing messages through our mail server spools.

As for help desks, we couldn’t find any that were able to handle the amount of data we pushed through them and besides, they only offered a single function – we had to have different solutions for call tracking, email tickets and internal tasks.

Plus, there weren’t any stable and reliable options for providing customers with analytics on how their online businesses were running. The products that were available provided very limited information. There was no single product that offered features like data mining, search engine optimization and analysis and limited server health reporting.

As a result of all this, SmarterTools was born. We decided to build our own applications that provided small to medium sized businesses with the tools they needed for business communication and analytics, but that also had the ability to be provided through hosting and service providers. Over the years, the products we created have grown to offer a variety of features that are important to enterprise organizations while keeping with our focus on the small and medium business. In addition, our philosophy of being able to install and set up any of our products within minutes and keeping management/administration of our products simple and convenient remains intact and is a key component of our success.

Photo courtesy of WorldHostingDays.

Although we are no longer in the hosting business, we are firmly embedded in the small and medium sized business community. We use every one of our own applications and continue to enhance them based on our needs, to solve problems we see in the SMB market and to address the needs of thousands and thousands of customers. We continue to communicate directly with our customers through social outlets such as our community forums, our Facebook page and our Twitter account, as well as via various focus groups. We also enjoy meeting face-to-face with customers at conferences and local industry events.

This leads me to the point of this blog post. In 2012, SmarterTools is making a concerted effort to make ourselves available to you — our partners, customers and potential customers across all industries, including hosting companies, service providers and small businesses. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the conferences we’re attending this year, along with information on where they are and the dates we’ll be in the area. We’d like to set up face-to-face meetings with as many of you as possible, whether it’s at the conference or even at your place of business.

So don’t be surprised if you receive an email asking if you’d be interested in sitting down with SmarterTools CEO Tim Uzzanti, our Manager of Internal Development, Grady Werner, our Manager of SmarterMail Development, Bryon Grosz, or even me, Derek Curtis, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, and other SmarterTools development staff. We’d love to talk about your business, your goals and how SmarterTools can help get you to where you want to be. If you’d rather not wait for us to contact you, simply send us an email at and we’ll set up a place and time to talk.

We look forward to meeting you all and hope to see you at one of the following events:

Parallels Summit – February 14 – 16
Gaylord Palms, Orlando, FL

WorldHostingDays – March 20 – 23
Europa Park, Rust, Germany

FutureInsights Live – April 30 – March 3
MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Microsoft TechEd – June 11 – 14
Orlando, FL

The Lessons of ‘The Ten’: Why Google and Microsoft Want Your Email

It’s no secret that those so-called “free” email accounts from Google, Microsoft or Yahoo! aren’t really free. After all, you can’t get something for nothing. What you may not realize is how much revenue your single “free” email account can bring to the companies that offer them.

In his presentation “The Lessons of ‘The Ten': Why Google and Microsoft Want Your Email,” SmarterTools Vice-President Jeff Hardy reiterates that the cost of providing email is inexpensive—less than $0.04 per mailbox for enterprise-level email and less than $0.39 per mailbox for Exchange-replacement level email—but the potential profits off email are exponential.

That’s because one hosting account doesn’t represent a single person; it represents an average of 10 people who can become loyal customers that pay for additional products and services. If hosting or email providers market to those 10 people, they’ll be successful.

Want to know more? Download “The Lessons of ‘The Ten': Why Google and Microsoft Want Your Email” slideshow from HostingCon 2011.

This post was written by Tiffany D., a marketing and technical communications specialist for SmarterTools. If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to the SmarterTools Blog so you don’t miss an update.

Social Media Killed The Email Star

Since 2007, tech pundits have been declaring the death of email, citing a declining use among teens. Its purported killer? Social media.

Four years is an awfully long time to sound the death bells for a medium that’s used daily by billions of people across the globe, especially since you can’t even register for social media service like Google+, Facebook or Twitter without a valid email address—proof that social media didn’t kill the email star; it just rode its coattails to fame.

While there’s no doubt social media has changed the way we communicate, email remains one of “the most popular activities on the Web,” according to comScore. It’s also among the most lucrative, as companies like Google and Microsoft can attest.

Do you know why? We do, and we’re sharing that knowledge at 11 a.m. on Monday, August 8 at HostingCon 2011 during a presentation titled “The Lessons of ‘The Ten': Why Google and Microsoft Want Your Email.” Join us!

This post was written by Tiffany D., a marketing and technical communications specialist for SmarterTools. If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to the SmarterTools Blog so you don’t miss an update.

Want to learn the “Lessons of The Ten?” Join us at HostingCon 2011!

HostingCon 2011 is Aug. 8-10 in San Diego

We are proud to announce that Jeff Hardy, vice-president of business operations for SmarterTools, will present on the opening day of HostingCon 2011 in San Diego, Calif. His session, “The Lesson of ‘The Ten’: Why Google and Microsoft Want Your Email” will describe how to gain new customers, increase profits and differentiate yourself in the crowded hosting market.

“We are excited to return to HostingCon as both attendees and a selected speaker,” Hardy said. “During my presentation, I’ll explain how the industry giants—Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.—are convincing hosting providers to give up the most important and valuable aspects of their business and why refusing to do so creates a solid opportunity to increase profits and differentiate yourself in the crowded hosting market.”

Hardy’s presentation is 11 a.m. on Monday, August 8.

HostingCon 2011 is the largest gathering of hosted services professionals in the world. This year’s conference, held August 8-10, is expected to attract more than 1,800 industry professionals to the San Diego Convention Center. Anyone wanting to arrange a meeting with Hardy or another member of the SmarterTools team during the conference should email—or just look for the best-dressed attendees in between sessions. (You know, the ones in the navy SmarterTools shirts.)

This post was written by Tiffany D., a marketing and technical communications specialist for SmarterTools. If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to the SmarterTools Blog so you don’t miss an update.

No Idle Hands Here

Busy week for us here at SmarterTools…

It started off with some of the SmarterMail team spending time up in Seattle. They were working with engineers from Microsoft to integrate some new and exciting features into SmarterMail. It was definitely a worthwhile trip and the team is itching to move forward with the information gained from close discussions and hands-on experience with Microsoft. As always, Microsoft did a great job hosting the event and we certainly appreciate the accommodations. One thing Microsoft does very, very well is create a nice environment to have as productive discussions as possible! They are great hosts!

In addition, last night several members of our marketing and communications team met up with industry companions at an event hosted by The Web Hosting Industry in Review, better known to most as “the WHIR”. We mingled with partners and peers alike. It’s always nice to attend these types of events and be able to talk one-on-one about business…because, of course, that’s all that ever really happens at these types of events ;). I’d say from the number of people in attendance (and the length and breadth of discussions heard and overheard) that the event was a huge success. Kudos to the WHIR for putting together such a well-organized event. We’re looking forward to this becoming a regular occurrence. From what we hear next year’s is already scheduled, so that’s a start!

This post was written by Derek C., vice-president of marketing and communications for SmarterTools. If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to the SmarterTools Blog so you don’t miss an update.


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