We’re excited to announce the BETA of the next version of our popular Windows mail server: SmarterMail 12.x. Over the last few major releases we focused on providing an incredibly powerful and user friendly Web interface that users would enjoy.  With this latest release, we kept the same look and appearance but rewrote the underlying architecture with the latest Internet technologies to dramatically improve the speed, reduce the size and increase compatibility with all the latest Internet browsers and tablets.

In addition, SmarterMail 12.x brings several new features, server side optimizations and fixes that continues to make SmarterMail compatible with the latest Internet trends.  As with all releases, we worked closely with customers and partners and while we couldn’t incorporate everyone’s ideas into this release, we prioritized our users’ wants to create a new version of SmarterMail that we think you’ll really like.

So let’s take a look at what’s new…

Improved Text Editor Throughout

A new text editor means that users have the tools they need to create richly formatted emails, without a lot of unnecessary code in the background. Cleaner code can help keep delivery, receipt and viewing of emails fast and efficient. Cleaner code also allows for greater flexibility when changing how a particular email looks as it’s easier for a Web designer to go into the code directly to make changes without relying solely on the design tools offered in the editor. In addition, the editor is now included when adding Notes and creating Tasks in SmarterMail, meaning that users can format key elements such as addresses, highlight important points, include links to Web pages or addresses, and more. Having a rich text editor available when creating Tasks and Notes increases the functionality and improves the overall experience when using these features.

Connect and Share Using Google Drive

SmarterMail’s File Storage makes it easy to share large files without having to worry about hitting any attachment limits or adding large files to your recipients’ inboxes. SmarterMail 12.x takes file storage to the next level with the ability to connect your SmarterMail account to your Google Drive account. With this connection, you’re then able to link to files either using SmarterMail’s built in file storage or to files you’ve stored in your Google Drive account. Even better – you don’t have to manage the permissions for your Google Drive files as SmarterMail will automatically modify the file share so that anyone with access to your linked file can easily open it, view it or work with it! Best of all? More connected services are on the horizon…

Greater Support for IPv6

While earlier versions of SmarterMail offered support for IPv6, SmarterMail 12.x increases the functionality available to System Administrators. For example, IPv6 is now supported in greylisting, IP whitelisting and blacklisting, SMTP authentication bypass, SPF checks and more. In addition, system admins can include IPv6 addresses when setting up abuse detection rules for things like DoS, bad SMTP harvesting and password brute force.

Increased Spam Management

Knowing when a mail server is listed by one of the realtime black lists (RBL) used by SmarterMail used to be a manual process. SmarterMail 12.x now includes an automatic RBL checker that lets you know if your server is actively blacklisted. System administrators can even set up system events that will immediately notify them if a server becomes listed by a RBL, which means that they can quickly act if a server does become listed.

It’s Easier to Move to SmarterMail

SmarterTools has always made it easy for end users and administrators to move mailboxes over to SmarterMail, regardless of whether they’re moving from a competing mail server or from any one of the most popular mail services. With SmarterMail 12.x, we’ve added some features to make it even easier. For example, it’s now possible to import users at the domain level, and automatically apply any domain defaults to them on import. In addition, system administrators can see any and all migrations that are occurring, in real time. Finally, it’s now possible to stop and restart migrations right from the migration wizard.

Huge Number of Optimizations and Improvements

With each successive major version of SmarterMail that is released, we do our best to include a large number of back-end improvements to help keep mail servers performing at their best. Many of these changes are in the back-end code, so they’re not easily seen by end users, much less by system administrators, except when they notice how much better SmarterMail runs. Some of the changes in SmarterMail 12.x include improved processing of HTML messages, leading to messages being processed much faster. There’s an improved code structure to speed up startup and reduce overall resource usage, and we’ve also improved remoting calls, leading to improved performance for webmail users.

Is that all?

Of course not! SmarterMail 12.x has many more features and improvements. You’ll find them in the release notes we’ll post in the SmarterMail 12.x BETA forum, but here are a few more that might be of interest:

  • Contact pictures now displayed on the view message page of webmail so you can see who you’re talking to
  • Improved support for IE 11 and Windows 8.1
  • Improved support for Exchange ActiveSync
  • Users can also add a picture of themselves to their signature lines
  • Administrators can now add comments to global trusted senders. This is ideal for installations with multiple system administrators
  • End users can now delete specific instances of a recurring appointment in webmail
  • Users can now download all attachments to a message in one zip file

Getting started with the BETA

To get your hands on the BETA simply visit the SmarterTools BETA release forum, where you’ll see how to:

  • Sign up for the BETA
  • Get a special BETA license key
  • Download the latest BETA release (we update it regularly)
  • Communicate with other BETA testers and the SmarterTools development team
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest release note and BETA news

Sign up for the BETA

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