Good products improve, but great products evolve.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the beta of SmarterStats 7.x will begin Tuesday, October 25, and with it we’re going to once again re-define what the term “web analytics” means. Gone are the days when a site owner relied solely on views, visits and hits. Now they expect a full suite of tools to manage their entire online presence, a product that offers a more all-encompassing set of analytics for insight into how their business is performing on the Web. These include:

  • Search Engine Optimization analytics
  • Site optimization and performance analytics
  • Visitor and traffic analytics
  • Search engine spider and bot analytics
  • The ability to fully mine data and create customized analytics

SmarterStats 7.x is the answer.

Getting Started with the BETA

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the BETA, the first step is to visit a special topic we set up in our community forum specifically for the SmarterStats 7.x BETA. In this forum post you’ll see how to:

  • Compete the BETA sign up process
  • Get a special BETA license key
  • Communicate with other users and the SmarterTools development team
  • Follow the latest BETA release and stay up-to-date on the latest release notes

Sign up for the BETA

Your site’s broken – now what?

Site Tuning feature of SmarterStatsDid you realize that things like broken links, excessive linking or even using multiple redirects could hurt your site’s search rank? These problems, as well as many others, can adversely affect how your site is spidered by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and even international search engines and could lead to entire sections of your website being excluded from search results. SmarterStats 7.x offers new Site Tuning functionality that scans your site for over 20 different problems that are commonly found to hurt a site’s search rank, problems that are often hidden, even if a site’s content is fully optimized.
Graphs showing a page's performance statistics

SmarterStats interface displayed on an Apple iPad

Better, faster and more
mobile results

All of the information contained within SmarterStats 7.x is now truly at your fingertips. We optimized the reporting functionality, presentation of data and the entire interface to work flawlessly on both the desktop as well as on mobile devices. Page speed is significantly increased and all features of SmarterStats are fully compatible with touch screens so that you can view all of your crucial information regardless of where you are or whether you’re using an Apple, Android or even Windows mobile device.

¿Quien es?

Language selection for email reportsWant to explore your international reach? It’s easier with SmarterStats 7.x. Sure, SmarterStats always supported international search engines, but with international traffic, especially people coming from Asia or other locations that use non-English character sets, the traffic stats could get a bit muddled. With 7.x, URLs with foreign character sets, like Russian or Chinese, are fully supported and encoded properly. In addition, if you have foreign users you want to send email reports to, you can now send them in the recipient’s preferred language.
Geographic breakdown of website traffic

Significantly reduce space requirements

file compression diagramIt’s no secret that web server logs can grow pretty large and take up a lot of precious space on a server. SmarterStats 7.x can help reduce that space requirement by reading compressed logs in either .zip or .gzip format. For small businesses looking for ways to save money, allowing log files to be compressed to a fraction of their size, without losing the ability to glean crucial data from them, can mean thousands of dollars in savings over the course of a year.

And there’s more…

SmarterStats 7.x has a number of additional new features and product enhancements, including:

  • Pay attention to detail with new page views that make performance and traffic stats, as well as page tuning details, available on a page-by-page basis
  • Create page aliases – perfect for adding common names to unique page URLs – right from a page’s detail view
  • Easily retrieve lost user passwords with a new password reset feature
  • Greater detail means better understanding of your site’s popularity – we completely revamped the way SmarterStats 7.x understands a browser’s user agent, thereby giving you a better understanding of any new browsers, new devices or even new operating systems being used to traverse your website
  • More info at your disposal – we added in several new reports, including “bounce rate” reports that tell you when visitors come to your site then immediately leave without moving beyond their entry page and entry/exit page reports that tell you which pages are the most popular entry and exit points of your site.