Since 2007, tech pundits have been declaring the death of email, citing a declining use among teens. Its purported killer? Social media.

Four years is an awfully long time to sound the death bells for a medium that’s used daily by billions of people across the globe, especially since you can’t even register for social media service like Google+, Facebook or Twitter without a valid email address—proof that social media didn’t kill the email star; it just rode its coattails to fame.

While there’s no doubt social media has changed the way we communicate, email remains one of “the most popular activities on the Web,” according to comScore. It’s also among the most lucrative, as companies like Google and Microsoft can attest.

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  1. I think it remains very effective so long as it is used correctly. Developing a list and cultivating it correctly can make a huge difference to your business and bottom line. Just blasting out thinly veiled sales pitches over and over is a waste.

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