Busy week for us here at SmarterTools…

It started off with some of the SmarterMail team spending time up in Seattle. They were working with engineers from Microsoft to integrate some new and exciting features into SmarterMail. It was definitely a worthwhile trip and the team is itching to move forward with the information gained from close discussions and hands-on experience with Microsoft. As always, Microsoft did a great job hosting the event and we certainly appreciate the accommodations. One thing Microsoft does very, very well is create a nice environment to have as productive discussions as possible! They are great hosts!

In addition, last night several members of our marketing and communications team met up with industry companions at an event hosted by The Web Hosting Industry in Review, better known to most as “the WHIR”. We mingled with partners and peers alike. It’s always nice to attend these types of events and be able to talk one-on-one about business…because, of course, that’s all that ever really happens at these types of events ;). I’d say from the number of people in attendance (and the length and breadth of discussions heard and overheard) that the event was a huge success. Kudos to the WHIR for putting together such a well-organized event. We’re looking forward to this becoming a regular occurrence. From what we hear next year’s is already scheduled, so that’s a start!

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