Hot on the heels of the BETA release of SmarterStats 6.x, we’re equally pleased to announce that we’re expanding the ways we present SmarterTools’ products. Beginning with the next release of SmarterStats 6.x we will begin offering informational videos that cover a variety of topics, from “How To” segments to release highlights to feature focus videos. We’re currently previewing our first eight (8) videos on the new SmarterStats 6.x Videos page. Please realize, however, that the videos are subject to change and modification during the beta period based on customer feedback, not to mention changes to the application itself.

SmarterTools YouTube Channel

We’re also going to roll out a SmarterTools branded YouTube channel. Here we’ll be placing all of our video content, with videos segmented by playlist for each product we offer. In the future…at least if I have my way…we’ll also be putting up some more informal content, like videos from any conferences we attend, interviews with partners, etc.

What’s the Point?

There’s no doubt that moving in this direction is new for us. However, we know that it is integral for the success of SmarterTools, as well as for the success of our partners and customers. The plan is to offer content in a few different areas:

  • Informational – This includes product overview videos, new feature highlights, new version releases, etc. Generally, this is content based on specific features, new feature sets, or something specific to a product.
  • Instructional –  “How To” videos that demonstrate specific tasks, features or essentially how to do something within a product. These videos won’t be comprehensive, but rather they will demonstrate specific things about specific products that we feel are important to know. We have a knowledgebase that covers more granular topics…
  • Promotional – “Introduction To” videos that give a general, overall view of a product or the company as a whole. These are your flashy, marketing-type videos that will be featured on Overview pages, etc.

The BEST part of this initiative is that we’re going into it with the idea that everyone will benefit. These videos aren’t just for us to use – customers and partners will be able to use them as well. While we’re still working out the details, some thoughts on “How” customers and partners could benefit include:

  • Allowing customers and partners to embed videos in their own blog posts and forum posts.
  • Creating more detailed and specific “How To” videos and offer those as part of the Support packages.
  • Creating “white labeled” videos that partners could re-brand and add to their own KB systems.
  • Begin “Customer Focus” efforts that showcase and highlight how customers and partners are using SmarterTools’ products…

It’s an exciting time for all of us, and we appreciate you all coming along for the ride. What do you think? Is this something that interests you? How would you make this exciting time even better? We’d love to hear it…

This post was written by Derek C., vice-president of marketing and communications for SmarterTools. If you liked this post, please consider subscribing to the SmarterTools Blog so you don’t miss an update.